Preaching and pastoral care cannot be divorced from one another.

In Pastoral Preaching, Dr. Caldwell shows how preaching and pastoral care cannot be divorced from one another. Biblical preaching requires that preachers enter the pulpit as shepherds. The pastor is not simply a dispenser of information, and he is not a spiritual marketer who is trying to get his finger on the pulse of what would interest and attract the listener. Dr. Caldwell states that the man who faithfully preaches is the man who loves God and His church, and therefore watches for souls. He should have the mindset and aim of one who is called by God to shepherd the church through the careful teaching and application of the Word of God. Preaching is a pastoral work. If preaching is to be what God means for it to be, then preachers must embrace what God means for them to be.



The fact is that everyone has anxieties.

Answering Anxiety begins where people are; that is, with the fact that everyone has anxieties. Anxiety is big business in a world of doctors, therapists, savants, gurus, life coaches, motivational speakers, counselors, and pop psychologists. This book takes people to the one place where they can find the true and solid solution for anxiety: the Word of God. Caldwell leads the reader on this journey with all the skill of a seasoned pastor, revealing God’s design for dealing with anxiety.

a biblical answer

for racial unity

Insight into the Scripture’s answer for racial reconciliation.

A Biblical Answer for Racial Unity is a compilation of both biblical expositions and a biographical survey. This book is not intended to be a dry, exhaustive treatment of the Bible’s teaching on racial unity. It is intended to offer biblical insight into the core elements of the Scripture’s answer for racial reconciliation and unity within the church—and in our world.

commentary series


Clear, concise biblical exposition.

The Walking in Grace Commentary Series is specifically designed to serve all those seeking clear, concise biblical exposition. The teacher, preacher, student, and layman alike will appreciate its brevity and clarity—getting to the heart of the text without wasting words. The outlines and insightful applications are suggestive for both the pulpit and personal Bible study. Based on the conviction that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, and absolutely sufficient for all that is needed to live to the glory of Christ, these expositions will encourage and exhort those who have set their heart to study, apply, and proclaim the truth.