Terms of use

Copyright Matters

See below regarding usage, copyright, and permissions for the content on our website, apps, and any other Walking in Grace media.


Our website is the only official and authorized repository of all of Dr. Caldwell’s biblical based material. At the same time that we would like maintain the quality and versions of this content, we also encourage others to share and use these resources. As you partner with us in the effort at sharing Walking in Grace content, please keep in mind the following guidelines. We thank you in advance for cooperating.

Online Distribution

You may link to and share media we have produced, but you may not post that media on your website or host them on other media channels. You may not create or use edited versions of our media without our express written permission.

Offline Distribution

You may duplicate and distribute our audio and video messages in CD, DVD, and digital formats without prior permission as long as you follow these restrictions:

  • Duplicate and distribute only full-length versions of the messages; without altering or editing the content in any way.
  • You may not charge for the material (even to recoup your costs).
  • Material copied to a CD, DVD, or other storage device, include the following information on the CD or DVD: Title of the message; The legend: “Copyright by Richard Caldwell. Used with permission of Walking in Grace Media Ministries”; Our website address: walkingingrace.org
  • Do not include your personal or organizational contact information on any CD, DVD, or other storage device.
  • You may not use or reproduce the Walking in Grace, Straight Truth, or other Walking in Grace logo or branding for any purpose, with the exception that such logo(s) may appear on your website as a clickable link that redirects the user to the our website(s).
  • We prohibit alteration or re-branding of our materials. No logos, visual representations, graphics, words in any language, mark of any kind, recordings, or anything of a similar nature may be added to or removed from any of our resources.

Walking in Grace and Richard Caldwell reserve all copyright protections under applicable law and we reserve the right to revoke or modify these permissions at any time, without notification or notice.


Since certain of Richard Caldwell’s published materials are in print and the respective publishers hold the publishing rights, we are unable to grant copy permission.


When posting our website content on your website, link to the content on the relevant Walking in Grace website or, post it in accordance with the above guidelines and include this message on every page of posted content: “This Walking in Grace material originally appeared here.”

  • Make the word “here” link to the specific URL where the content lives, not just our homepage.
  • Make the words “Walking in Grace” link to our homepage.

Distributing our web content in print or in an email is permitted, provided that you follow the above guidelines.

Using Transcripts

From time to time we may post transcripts of certain content. If you would like to reproduce, contact us requesting specific permission. You may not reproduce sermons or sermon transcripts in any print format.